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James Staddon

James Staddon

I grew up in Virginia as one of eight siblings, right in the middle (in age order) with my one and only sister. When I was young, I remember loving to go to adventurous places for my birthday, like the zoo, the aquarium, or Skyline Caverns! I loved the outdoors, and would spend endless hours outside playing with my siblings or exploring the surrounding neighborhoods on my bicycle. As a homeschool family, life was our classroom, and Dad and Mom gave us ample opportunities to learn what it meant to serve, whether it was going to clean-up days in DC, campaigning for local officials, mowing neighbor’s lawns, singing at churches, or running Bible Clubs at the park at the end of the street.

When I was 14, we moved to the country in West Virginia. And I loved it! With uncharted wilderness to explore (the family property), and with the help of a two-week photography class in Dallas, my love for photography absolutely blossomed. Soon after, I interned as a graphic designer in the cement jungle of Chicago for three years. These experiences in photography and graphic design eventually became the underpinnings of the calendar-printing and photography-education business I now run, known as, Lenspiration.

I’m grateful to have been raised in a Christian home all my life. At the age of 6, I asked Jesus to forgive me for the bad things I did, and for fear of hell. However, it wasn’t until the age of 16 that I truly understood what it meant to live a life of complete surrender to the lordship of Jesus Christ. And since then, that passion to serve Him has taken me to many places. Mission trips to Mexico, Peru, and South Korea. Teaching opportunities across the US . . . most notably, in Connecticut. The adventure has only begun! 🙂

Julianna Bennett

Julianna Bennett

I’m one of nine siblings and am grateful for the gift of growing up in a Christian home! Through the nurture of my parents and being surrounded by the truth of the Bible, I understood early on that I was born a sinner and needed a Savior. At the age of seven, I prayed in my parents bedroom and acknowledged that need and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, asking Him to save me from my sins. I am so thankful to be His!  

I have lived all my life in Connecticut, with its lovely shoreline, rural countryside, cities and hiking trails. Growing up we attended a Baptist church where our grandparents also attended. I am grateful to have been homeschooled with my siblings and to have them as my closest friends; we have made many sweet memories together! I have a wonderful brother-in-law and a dear sister-in-law who have added much joy to our lives, and two adorable nieces with a little sibling joining them soon! Our family has enjoyed serving together in many ways, through music ministry, working the polls on Election Day, volunteering for political campaigns and volunteering for a local pregnancy resource center where I have enjoyed working for the past few years.  

As a girl I loved writing, drawing, spending time outdoors, stargazing and reading G.A Henty books. My poems often centered around the sights and sounds of creation about  me – a robin building its nest, the autumn leaves falling from the trees, or the butterfly flitting in the garden. To this day, I still find pleasure in the simple beauties of seasons and nature around me and am grateful for these tangible reminders of God’s greatness and loving kindness towards us. And I am grateful for the gift of joining my life together with a man who loves God wholeheartedly, believes His Word unashamedly and finds the same enjoyment and delight in the sound of a pond of peepers or the blush of color in the sky. 🙂